About Me

It’s About the Journey and the Destination

Ever since the first time I used the dial-up modem plugged into my Commodore 64, I knew I wanted to be part of the online world. Later, when I was getting my BFA in graphic design, the web was born. My first website was designed for Mosaic. I eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where the internet and I grew together over the years.

I’ve designed websites for agencies, software firms, and even went the start-up route. I saw the bubble swell and pop. I’ve made sure that everything I’ve done has taught me something new. I’ve learned how to run a business, manage projects and people, sell ideas, tell stories, and think a few steps ahead.

I’ve been doing visual design for a long time, and over a dozen years ago, I took my first job doing information architecture. Shortly after that I was taking on user experience projects. I love it, it comes naturally and it lets me use everything I’ve learned. Plus it feeds my need to learn more.

Since then I’ve been doing UX design fulltime in San Francisco with a little creative direction tossed in along the way.