Brocade Email Templates

The Overview

These marketing campaign templates were created within Aprimo software and included best practices documentation for implementation. They pushed the Aprimo technical considerations and custom configuration to enable Brocade to quickly develop campaigns with optimized deliverability, click-thru and killer conversion.

The Details

Client : Brocade
Tools : OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, Photoshop, Word
Role : User Experience Designer and Production Lead


For me this project started with dozens of marketing email designs. I sat in client presentations where clients asked why a button was placed where it was, or if an headline was in a graphic. I wanted to have the right answers, so I set out to become an go-to person on email marketing best practices.


I wanted our designers to always make design decisions based on knowledge instead of instinct. So, I researched email marketing best practices for few weeks in my spare time and compile my notes into a Word document for agency use. The document ended up working well. We were able to design emails that got better open rates, click-throughs, and conversion. It was only natural for us to leverage this information in projects.

Template Documentation

In addition to a multipage guide to best practices, I included detailed annotations as an easy reference for their field marketers and vendors.

Visual Design

Once I had knowledge of best practices, it didn’t take much time to work within those parameters to design templates. The templates considered delivery without images, subject line and content previews in email clients as well as visual cues for reading, among many considerations. We presented several layout directions that all met the requirements for email & landing page marketing best practices, and the client chose one that resonated with them.

As part of the template deliverables, we included examples of usage. These are samples of email and landing page designs.

Event Email Template

This event marketing email template includes layout and design decisions proven to get good response and click-through rates. It’s also designed with optimization in mind and lends itself to testing, whether it’s A/B or multi-variate.

Landing Page Template

This iteration of the destination landing page serves the client’s business goals, while adhering to best practices for B2B event marketing campaigns.

It creates continuity through messaging, design, and layout. Event details are included to accommodate traffic from other channels and social media links are included to aid social amplification.


The client was able to leverage the templates we provided to execute a higher level of email campaign performance. These raised the benchmarks and provided a foundation for even better performance through testing.

The agency continued to use and update the email marketing best practices for years afterward.